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Updated: Apr 17

Indigenous land destruction is killing not only the ordinary people but the rest of the world as well. We have alternative sources to fossil fuel. We have water technology and many more. But the industry are maximizing profit and holding other energy hostages. They can only lose bit of profit not money. We need people over profit. If we don't take care of mother earth, we will go extinct like the dinosaurs.

Non-violent ordinary people refuses to leave the road until Biden declares a climate emergency. See Todays action -> https://youtu.be/NOKctExxayU

Our action is an expression of our fear for our families, for the future of humanity and life on Earth. We are acting upon what thousands of scientists tell us, because our government is refusing to. Many other groups around the world are taking similar actions throughout March and April. #DeclareEmergency is currently centered around Washington DC and is inviting everyone from all disciplines, classes and beliefs, to join us on the road.

Email: declareemergency@protonmail.com,

Website: https://www.declareemergency.org/

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