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“I have in mind the reasons why we do this, why we bother people today," says Florence, one of the activists. This 57-year-old woman explains that a "feeling of urgency" inhabits her, that she wonders what the future of her three children will look like in a world upset by climate change. Moving to civil disobedience is a solution for her to alert the rest of the citizens. “At her side, Sacha, 22, says she is "extremely worried" about the threat to her and her loved ones. "The climate movement is sorely lacking in strategy," she believes. For example, ANV-COP21's mobilization campaign against aviation was important, but it was something unique, there was no repetition, no balance of power created over time. Conversely, with already three actions to his credit, and other blockages planned, Last Renovation wants to last. “It is for this reason that activists do not necessarily explain their demands when angry drivers or curious motorists approach them. "We don't put ourselves in danger to raise awareness among only three or four people," explains Sacha. It is the repetition and visibility of our actions that will do this work of raising awareness among all French people.” » Beautiful work @derniererenovation !!

Inspired by our actions these last couple of weeks and want to get involved?

Join us SAT April 23rd 8:00Pm EST.

Use the link -> https://www.facebook.com/events/506817004220302/?

Email: declareemergency@protonmail.com,

Website: https://www.declareemergency.org/

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